Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ


¡Hola año 10!

We are going to carry on with the module “De costumbre”

For the next two weeks you have 1 Power Point per week.

The PP should last for both lessons if you complete all the exercises. I have uploaded a Foundation and a Higher version of each Unit. You know which tier you do in lessons so carry on with the same one.

When you use the Power Point do it in “SlideShow” so you don’t see the answers.

There are instructions in listening slides on how to reach the listening file so you are able to do it. When copying the code make sure you haven’t added any extra spaces at the end of the code (this can be easily done if you copy and paste) Once you have done the listening you can access the transcript to audio files, before seeing the answers, by clicking on the icon.

Although you already have the vocabulary for the unit, both Foundation and Higher I have uploaded again. I have included the audio codes in case you want to listen to the pronunciation of the new vocabulary.

Every unit Power Point will also have some grammar practice with the explanation of the grammatical point to help you to understand.

If there is anything you don’t understand ask your teacher. We check Google classroom often and we get notifications.

Every Power Point has some exercises that should be sent to your teacher once completed so we can mark it and send you feedback. We don’t need to see all the work as the exercises have the answers included. But you can send the work once you mark it if you want your teacher to see how you have done. Do not use Internet translators as you do not learn anything from them and it is cheating.

Work to send to your teacher (send each exercise as soon as you have done it. Don’t wait to send them all together)


Week starting (15/06)

Foundation: Ex 5 (listening), Ex 6 (grammar), Ex 8 (reading)

Higher: Ex 5 (listening), Ex 6 (reading), Ex 8 (grammar)

These exercises should be done and sent to us by the 22/06

Week starting (022/06)

Foundation: Ex 3 (speaking), Ex 4 (listening), Ex 6 (translation) Ex 7 (writing) OPTIONAL

Higher: Ex 4 (listening), Ex 5 (reading), Ex 6 (translation) Ex 7 (writing) OPTIONAL

These exercises should be done and sent to us by the 29/06

¡Buena suerte y buen trabajo!

Sra Chamorro y Srta Everson