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Dear Year 9 students,

You will then be able to access all the resources for this summer term below. Your lessons will be posted weekly with enough content to cover your normal maths timetable. You will also be able to a see the assessments and written homework when they are set. All work completed must be written in your mathematics exercise book and Hegarty tasks will be set as normal.

Pearsons has given all students and parents access to the text books on line.  Click here, then scroll down, then click on Secondary students and parents, scroll down to view ebooks, then accept all of the terms and conditions.​​ You will then have access to GCSE Edexcel (9-1) Maths.

All lessons will use exercises from the Edexcel 9-1 textbook and a schedule for this term can be viewed below.

Contact me on  if  you have any queries.

Kind regards

Maths Department​​​​

Entry Level work can be found here:  

Please use the resources below to study from home.  All practice exam papers can be found on the maths Google classroom.  Click on the icons below to access maths websites: