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Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ

Dress Code

Dress code requirements

As a Sixth Form student I am expected to wear:

  • Black, smart tailored trousers, skirt or dress. Skirts or dresses should be worn no more than 5 centimetres above the knee
  • Plain, collared shirt of one colour
  • Fine knitted wool jumper, cardigan or black formal suit jacket
  • Black smart shoes or boots (trainers, Converse style plimsolls, Uggs or Doc Martin boots and similar are NOT permitted)
  • Headscarves worn for religious reasons must be plain black


Clothing, accessories and personal appearance

Below are examples of what is considered to be inappropriate, unacceptable and unprofessional types of dress in the Maria Fidelis Sixth Form, but the list is not exhaustive.

  • Jeans and all denim type clothing is strictly not permitted (Please note denim is a fabric not a colour)
  • Hoodies, caps and hats are prohibited at all times in the building
  • Trainers, Converse style plimsolls, Uggs or Doc Martin boots and similar
  • Shorts of any style
  • Clothes made from “stretchy” fabrics are not permitted. This includes skinny jeans, skin tight leggings, Jeggings and Jodhpur type trousers and skirts or dresses
  • Mini skirts and dresses
  • Transparent or “see through” clothing
  • Any skin tight clothing
  • Any type of sportswear, sweatshirts, tracksuit jackets and similar casual clothing
  • Low cut shirts, blouses, tops or dresses



With particular regard to hair and hairstyles no Mohawks, no shaved or bare skin, no shaved patterns or lines and no extreme hair dye colours are permitted. If you prefer to have short cropped hair this should be no shorter than a number two at the hairdressers or barbers. No eyebrow design slits (thin bald lines through a student’s eyebrows) that are created as a fashion statement.



  • Make up should be subtle and appropriate
  • Small nose stud or thin nose hoop. This is the only facial piercing that is permissible.