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Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ


Our policy in relation to attendance and punctuality is designed to enable your child to achieve their full potential and to promote equality for all.

We expect that all pupils will attend school regularly, aiming for 100% attendance.  We ask that parents/carers to use the Pupil Absence Line (020 7387 3856) on the first day of any absence and leave a message, giving the reason for the absence.  We expect all pupils to attend school punctually and come to school appropriately equipped for the day.

A list of school term dates is issued every year and family holidays should be planned within these dates.  We adhere to the local authority’s policy on exceptional leave which clearly advises that term time absences can only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

If you take your child out of school without authorisation, the matter will be referred to the Education Welfare Service. Under Section 444(1) of the Education Act 1996 the Education Welfare Service may issue a Penalty Notice.

The presentation below shows the impact of poor attendance on your child's education.