Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ

Sixth-Form Enrichment

Outreach with Urban Partners

The Sixth Form has established links, through its membership of the Urban Partners Scheme, which allow students pupils to attend homework clubs at local companies; one organized and hosted by Eurostar and the other by Grant Thornton. This enables students to carry out work in a safe and quiet environment. Further to this, Eurostar provides tutoring for students if they express a desire for help with a particular subject.  Students also participate in schemes run by Deloitte, designed to give students the opportunity to gain experience in entrepreneurial fields. 


University Outreach

Maria Fidelis is fortunate to have connections with local universities, which enabled students to be invited to lectures, masterclasses and taster days.  Students are also able to apply for mentoring schemes, such as the K+ scheme at Kings College, of which four of our six applicants were successful. This scheme matches sixth formers with a PhD student at KCL and they receive not only mentoring but also a lower offer from KCL if they are successful.


Film Club

The film club is designed to enable the students to relax due to the higher stress levels of A Levels in recent years. Film Club normally takes place on a Friday night and enables students to have social time together and watch a range of great films that they may not have seen or heard of.


Thursday Seminars

The Thursday Seminars are designed so that teachers or guest can deliver seminars on a particular aspect of academia that interests them or that they have particular expertise in.

So far, talks have been delivered on topics from the role of fashion houses in wars, the forgotten Holocaust of the Congo, the philosophical concept of the Self and Other and the impact of German constitution on Germany’s position within Europe.


Community Service

As a Catholic school, it is a part of our ethos to develop a community in which everyone supports one another. Pursuant to this, community service was established. All students are expected to engage in at least one form of service; this year students have tutored younger pupils, helped supervise break-time, helped organize and run our senior citizens’ party and worked at local primary schools. 


Oxbridge Interview Practice

Maria Fidelis, through staff links to other schools, has been able to facilitate the opportunity of certain students to experience mock Oxbridge interviews. Through this activity, students preparing for Oxbridge interviews have been given a greater insight into the process and are better prepared for the real thing.