Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ

Pupil Premium

How is the Pupil Premium used at Maria Fidelis?

The Pupil Premium is extra funding given to schools by the Government to support pupils from low income backgrounds. At Maria Fidelis we use this money to :

  • Provide 1:1 tuition in core subjects, such as Maths.
  • Allow more expensive enrichment trips and activities to be subsidised.
  • Fund extra support staff time for after and before school supported study.
  • Give students access to free instrumental tuition.
  • Support families in the purchasing of uniform or other essential equipment items
  • Provide out-of-school hours interventions, such as ‘Saturday School’ for exam preparation.

All the activities we fund from the Pupil Premium are monitored and evaluated for their impact on pupil progress and engagement.

  • A register is kept of all activities and Pupil Premium pupils are identified to track attendance and engagement. 
  • Internal data is scrutinised four times a year to check progress of this group.
  • Pupil Premium pupils are always included as a key group in any work scrutinies/focus groups.
  • External data such as ALPS, RAISE online is used to validate progress of this group.

Listed below are our Pupil Premium allocations for 2014/15 and 2015/16

2014/15= £273,020
2015/16 = £285,808

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