Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ


Dear Y8

 Please tell your classmates they will need to sign up to Google Classroom using a gmail address with the following class code​s:
8A   irfaxa5
8C   5etp246
8F   Immemwy
8L    jldtz64
8W  v4efano ​

Everyone will be expected to complete their end of term test on Monday 20th April. A revision list for the test will be uploaded on Thursday 2nd April so you are able to revise over the Easter holidays. These tests will be used to help decided what set you shall be placed in Y9. ​Students will score 0 marks in their test if it has not been submitted by Friday 24th April. If you have any concerns or know a students that is not able to access Google Classroom then please contact me through email address:
Kind regards
Maths Department

Students are also able to access the school textbooks here and selecting the course KS3 Maths Progress.

Students are also set weekly Hegarty Maths work but need to watch the Hegarty Clips and make notes in your exercise book before completing the Hegarty Quiz. 

Please use the resources below to study from home.  All practice exam papers can be found on the maths Google classroom.  Click on the icons below to access maths websites: