Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ

Headteacher's weekly update

Dear Parents and Carers,

This will be my last weekly letter before the summer break. When we all returned to school last September, none of us could have predicted that by the end of March most pupils would be working from home and public examinations cancelled. We have to accept that the new school year may also be disrupted but we are working hard to ensure a full school opening next term. The government have issued detailed guidance which requires us to: keep year groups apart from each other, stagger the beginning and end of the school day so year groups leave at different times, keep year groups apart at break and lunch times, not allow more than one year group to share classrooms in the same day. While we plan to have all pupils on site every day, with these restrictions in place the way we deliver the timetable and the timings of the school day will obviously have to be completely changed. We hope to be able to return to normal later in the school year.

Teachers will be back in school on Tuesday 1st September when they will receive the necessary training in the new ways of operating. Pupils will also need to be prepared for all the changes so we will be running sessions for each year group at different times during the first week back. Please look carefully at the attached schedule to see when your child's year group will be required to attend. This is essential to ensure a safe environment for pupils and staff before they all return full time on Monday 7th September. A copy of our detailed risk assessment is available for you to read on our website under the Covid 19 tab.

We are running sessions during the summer for those pupils who have not yet had an opportunity to attend school. Please contact your Head of Year if you have not yet requested a place. Camden are also organising a range of exciting activities for all children, details of which can be found on our website under the Learning from Home tab. Thank you once again for all your support during this challenging time; we have really appreciated receiving the many messages of thanks from our families. 

I wish you all a restful summer; take care and keep safe.

All Best Wishes

Helen Gill