Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ


Dear all,

I hope you are all well and rested after the Easter break. To best help direct you with your learning we will be using Google classrooms, if you do not have a Gmail account already it is important that you set one up now so that you can access the classroom. The code for your teacher's google classroom are down below and you are all expected to join this as soon as possible.  We are moving on to a new section and will be examining our case study on Whitechapel. In this section we will be examining the conditions and what life was like for those living in London's poorest area during Victorian times. We will also be investigating the Jack the Ripper murders that took place here, the impact of the media and the formation of the Metropolitan Police force. This is a fascinating and intriguing unit and one that's really fun to learn about. I will be here to answer any questions so please feel free to email or message me on Google classroom any queries you might have.


Week beginning 20th April 2020

Work to complete for this week. We will begin our case study booklet on Whitechapel. The pages are numbered in the booklet. This week we will be completing pages 2-10. My advice is to follow your school timetable and to complete History work when you normally have that period. The tasks are a combination of research tasks, extended writing and exam questions.. You normally have a double lesson at the beginning of the week and you should complete pages 2-4 today. Pages 5-10 can be completed when you are normally timetabled for History. All work is due for submission on Friday afternoon 5pm. If you have any questions do make use of Google classrooms and let me or Mr. Done know!

Kind regards,

Mr. O'Dowd

For Mr. O'Dowd's class the code is: (mht5n4y)

For Mr. Done's class the code is: (z5aoxy5y)

For Mr. Scott's class the code is: (ywywgli)