Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ

Computer Science

All the work that students are expected to complete for Computer Science during the school closure has been uploaded to Google Classroom.

Students should check their LgFL email inbox for an email from Miss Hammond for the access link to weekly lessons.

If students have any problems in accessing their email or any of their home school work or are in need of support working through the resources, please email

Week 1 – Types of computer networks; Heathcote Chapter 8 Functions – worked examples and questions

Week 2 – Network components; W3Schools Python tutorials and interactive exercises

Week 3 – Network connection methods & transmission;  Heathcote Chapter 8 Functions – exercise 1 - 2

Week 4 – Internet routing and packet switching; Heathcote Chapter 8 Functions – exercise 3 - 4

In addition weekly lessons being issued through LGfL and Google Classrooms, students should also continue to make use of the wealth of online resources to support and deepen their knowledge and enjoyment in the subject.

  • W3School Learn Python (This website provides a wealth Python programming tutorials and interactive exercises.)
  • Teach ICT for Computer Science (Pupils have their own individual login details to access theory resources for the full GCSE syllabus, videos, interactive quizzes and flashcards designed for the OCR course.)
  • Seneca Learning  (This website allows pupils to sign in and access a variety of multi-media resources especially targeted at the OCR CSc exam.)
  • (The best designed short videos endorsed by Heathcote, one of OCR Chief examiner for CSc and an author of GCSE and A Level textbooks.)
  • BBC BiteSize  CSc Keystage 4 (This website has revision quizzes at the end of each topic.)

Computer Science Pupils should go to this link to find work to do from home: