Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ

Computer Science

Year 10 Computer Science

All home school work that students are expected to complete for Computer Science during the school closure has been uploaded to Google Classroom.

Students should check their LgFL email inbox for an email from Miss Hammond for the access link to weekly lessons. If students have any problems in accessing their email or any of their home school work or are in need of support working through the resources, please email

Week 1 – Types of computer networks and Pros v Cons; Heathcote Chapter 8 Functions – worked examples and questions

Week 2 – LAN, WAN and topology; W3Schools Python tutorials and interactive exercises

Week 3 – Network protocols;  Heathcote Chapter 8 Functions – exercise 1 - 4

Week 4 – Network layers and packet switching; Heathcote Chapter 9 Reading and Writing Files – Worked examples 1 – 6 and questions 1 – 3.

Important note: For all programming homework tasks, students should comment their code with the task number, and programming techniques used, print-screen this on Word document. All work must be emailed to their teacher, each Wednesday of school term time.

Extra Support

In addition weekly lessons being issued through LGfL and Google Classrooms, students should also continue to make use of the wealth of online resources to support and deepen their knowledge and enjoyment in the subject.

GCSE Computer Science Revision Websites