Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ

The Voices of the River Project by the Maria Fidelis Art Department

Sponsored by Phoenix Court working with Global Generation.

The Year 10 project is ongoing and can be seen on the hoardings of Phoenix Court and Phoenix Road.

The starting point for our contribution to the mural was the Story created and inspired by the river Thames. Year 10 students discussed in groups themes around nature, conservation, environmental issues, myths and symbols. The students decided they wanted to create hybrid creatures loosely based on mythical stories. They would be guardians of the river to protect and guide the plants and life in the river. They mixed and matched images and added colour over some parts of the creatures and finally glued the all together to create their collages.

Sponsored by Phoenix Court working with Global Generation.

Miss Levin and Miss Caldecott

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  • 23/09/22

    The Globe

    In the summer the School’s Art Department was awarded a grant to participate in ‘the World Reimagined’ project. Their mission statement was: ‘transforming how we understand the Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans and its impact on all of us – so we can make racial...
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