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Forthcoming Events

The last day of  term FOR YEARS 7-10 ONLY is Friday 29th March.  For Year 11 and 6th Form, it is Friday 5th April. Lessons recommence at 8.30am on Thursday 25th April.

We╩╝re raising £3,000 to save the stained glass windows at Maria Fidelis Catholic School and install them safely in our new school building.

Unfortunately our beautiful old school building will need to be knocked down. We really want to be able to save certain historically important elements so that we don't lose our history. Saving the stained glass window in our library is very important to us. We need a specialist stained glass window expert to painstakingly remove each piece of glass and rebuild the window in our brand new school. This is a very difficult time for schools and funding is limited. We simply don't have the funds from our school budget to pay for this so we are calling on all friends and ex-pupils of Maria Fidelis to please help us by donating funds to save this important piece of our history.

Your donation will be vital to us. Without donations the window will be destroyed when the building is taken down in September 2018. We really appreciate any help you can give us.  You can support this using the link below:

                                                                    Dates for this academic year: 

Spring Half Term:                Monday 18th - Friday 22nd February

Easter Holidays:                  Monday 1st - Wednesday 24th April    

Summer Half Term:           Monday 27th -Friday 31st May

Summer Holidays Start:   Monday 22nd July

Please click on the link below to see the  most recent parents' newsletter.

The presentation given to parents at the Year 10 information evening is available below.