Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ


Dear Year 7 students,

Going forward for the next few weeks you will be learning from home. In Maths your work for the day will be available on the Google Classroom at the time you would normally have your lessons and the expectation is that you will complete the work at this time. You will also be able to access all the previous resources and lessons if you need to go through anything again. Your teachers will be ready to help during lesson time so send a message in the comments if you need some help or have any questions.

Homework will be set weekly - it will be one Hegarty task. Please take this time to catch up on any outstanding work on Hegarty and Google classroom.

I would suggest you download the camscanner app onto your phone. This will allow you to scan any work you have completed and then upload it onto the google classroom, or you can email it to yourself and then upload it.

It's a tough time and we can get through it. Get in touch if you have any further questions at

Kind regards,

Maths Department

Please use the resources below to study from home.  All practice exam papers can be found on the maths Google classroom.  Click on the icons below to access maths websites: