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MF Sixth Form in the news!

1. Appearance on BBC London for our Student Leadership Team's Smiles Campaign - February 2020

We are over the moon that BBC London have featured our students' project on their Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and home pages, as well as featuring on the lunchtime news. Find out the story below:



Source - BBC London News

2. Appearance on BBC London News over the summer!

We were lucky enough to feature on BBC London News on 14th August 2019. You can see the clip below.



Source - BBC London News

3. Financial Times article

The Financial Times were so impressed by our work with Eurostar Homework club that they ran a feature-length article on it today, 12th June. 

Head of Sixth Form, Miss Speller

Tutor Nina Meinzer from Springer Nature said she works with our students "because it’s the right thing to do", and another tutor, Céline Aime, said that she loves to "help the students and hear what they have achieved".
Our very own Miss Speller was enthusiastic about the support offered to the students, commenting that the additional support has "been improving participants’ results by a full grade."  

Daniela Ortiz Sanchez (second from far left), Year 12, said “I need a space for silent study,” and Eurostar ticks that box.
Students doing silent study at Eurostar Homework Club

You can read the full article here.

Source – Financial Times

4. BBC News video

We are thrilled that on 23 June, the BBC published a short film about our exclusive Homework Club with Eurostar.  We are exceedingly proud that this is becoming such a topic of interest.

Watch it in full here.

Source – BBC News

5. Evening Standard Article on our exclusive Homework Club

We were very excited and pleased to see the Evening Standard’s piece on Eurostar’s homework club on 11th May.

As an exclusive school partner of the Urban Partners business group, based in King’s Cross, our students are able to attend a homework club run by Eurostar’s corporate social responsibility team.

Teacher line with pupils including Shah Ayesha Uddin, centre, at the homework club

With access to a range of tutors covering the entirety of the A-level syllabus offered at Maria Fidelis Sixth Form, our students are given unparalleled opportunity for one to one tuition.

The tutors not only work for Eurostar but come from a range of business in the Urban Partners business group. These businesses include Ted Baker, Virgin Trains, Google, the Guardian and many others.

To hear from our students and teachers, and read the article published both online and in print by the Evening Standard, click here.

Source - Evening Standard