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Hello KS4 History students,

The following  are useful podcasts on various different units of the Edexcel GCSE History course. Below I have listed the the different units and what the best podcasts are for that unit. Each podcast is about 15 minutes long and some are even shorter! They are an easy way to revise and learn something new on each unit. Below are the names of the different podcasts. When searching for the podcast ensure to type in the title in bold below in to spotify!

American West - "Really good revision Mr Hutchinson GCSE History The American West" There are a number of podcasts to listen to

Norman England- "The GCSE Revision podcast" Ensure to scroll through it as there are 4-5 podcasts on Norman England.

Germany 1918-39- "Revise - GCSE History revision". Ensure to scroll down and there are 18 podcast on Germany 1918-39. They vary in length 5-10 minutes. Great for revision.

Crime and Punishment- "GCSE History- Crime and Punishment in Britain- 18th and 19th century Britain" Good focus on Whitechapel, Crime and Punishment c1700- Modern day. Podcasts are 15 minutes.

Alternatively, instead of using spotify the website below is a great way to access other podcasts on History and other subjects. Have a browse through it and see what else you can find that might be of importance to you.

Good luck!

History Department‚Äč